Rotenone Library

Planning and Standard Operating Procedures for the Use of Rotenone in Fish Management



The “Rotenone SOP Manual” will be considered labeling by the USEPA for the application of rotenone, and provides guidance on the safe and effective use of rotenone in managing fish populations by public agencies. The manual contains four sections beginning with an introduction that orients the reader to a brief history of rotenone registration, new label directions, use as a fishery management tool, information on formulations and environmental fate, public health and concerns, and an overview of the manual structure. The second section provides general guidance on rotenone project planning procedures and how the standard operating procedures are used in successful planning. The third section contains standard operating procedures that limit rotenone exposure and effects and compliment the label. The last section provides a complete list of references. Click here to purchase this book.


Rotenone in Fisheries: Are the Rewards Worth the Risks?

These proceedings cover a variety of topics, including stewardship and use policies, environmental safety issues, and several case histories from across the United States. This important resource will increase the understanding of fish toxicants and further promote the safe and effective use of rotenone. Click here to purchase this book.